Brandon Meadows Annual Meeting Agenda
September 27, 2021 6 PM
Via Webex 

1) Call Meeting to Order 6:08 pm (Jacob)

2) Attendance and verification of quorum-- no quorum so town hall only (Eydie)

Owners present Nathan Weigand and Sukhbir Sidhu

Board present Titus Robinson and Jacob Dickey

Managers present Eydie Leighty

3) Reading/Approval of Minutes from September 22, 2020 waived, no quorum

4) Reports of Officers (Eydie in lieu of Treasurer)

  1. Overview of past year (Board and Eydie)
  2. Review of MyHOA Month-End Financials Packages/Invoice Billings (Eydie)
  3. Status of Accounts - Operating/Reserves (Eydie)
  4. Delinquencies (Eydie)

5) Property Manager’s Report (Eydie, MyHOA-Online.com LLC)

6) Old Business (Eydie)

  1. Landscaping challenges, irrigation--mainline break in July, repaired, landscapers contract up for renewal in Spring
  2. Trespassing and litter challenges, hoop and dogipot can reinstalled
  3. Parking challenges continue
  4. Board turnover--5 open positions 
  5. Entrance monument preventative maintenance discussed
  6. Security options discussion

7) New Business

  1. Discussion of Board-approved annual budget, and vote to ratify Board-approved annual budget --automatically ratified due to no quorum per RCW
  2. Nomination and election for the 2 currently held positions with new terms expiring in 2023, 2 additional positions to expire in 2023 currently vacant, and 3 positions expiring in 2022 currently vacant
  3. Other new business --Discussion of hoop ideas to address loitering and kids being harassed

8) Next BOD (Board of Directors) Meeting:  Immediately following annual meeting, time permitting, or within 10 days tbd

9) Next HOA Meeting: September 2022, specific date tbd

10) Executive Session if required (Board Members/Managers Only)

  1. Delinquencies/Aging Report/Fines/Liens (Actions Proposed and/or Taken)
  2. Homeowner Payment Plans (Status)

11) Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting (Jacob)

Board immediately went into Board meeting following the town hall Jacob convened the board portion of meeting at approx 645 pm

Old business, none discussed

New business, the only remaining new business beyond the annual meeting agenda done in town hall format was to appoint Sukhbir Sidhu to the board, she was able to talk with Nathan as past board and Titus and Jacob during the town hall and was agreeable to volunteering for the board.

Titus motioned and Jacob 2nd to appoint Sukhbir and the vote was unanimous and carried. Eydie to set her up as a board member and if she would like , conduct a board site tour or training. 

The board voted unanimously to stay in the same officer roles for another year, with Sukhbir staring of as a Director at large.

There being no additional business to conduct the meeting was motioned to be adjourned, 2nd and adjourned by Jacob at 657 pm