The Declaration reserves various rights to the developer to facilitate the smooth and orderly development of the community and to accommodate changes which occur as a community matures.
Article IX Expansion of the Community
9.1. Expansion by Declarant. Declarant may from time to time subject to the provisions of this Declaration all or any portion of property owned by the Declarant or the Declarant's successors in interest as designated by the Declarant, including portions which are not contiguous to other portions of the Properties, by Recording a Supplemental Declaration describing the additional property to be subjected. A Supplemental Declaration Recorded pursuant to this Section shall not require the consent of any Person except the owner of such property, if other than Declarant. Declarant's right to expand the Properties pursuant to this Section shall expire 20 years after this Declaration is Recorded. Until then, Declarant may transfer or assign this right to any Person. Any such transfer shall be memorialized in a written, Recorded instrument executed by Declarant. Nothing in this Declaration shall be construed to require Declarant or any successor to subject additional property to this Declaration or to develop all of the property described in Exhibit "A" in any manner whatsoever.
9.2. Expansion by the Association. The Association may also subject additional property to the provisions of this Declaration by Recording a Supplemental Declaration describing the additional property. A Supplemental Declaration shall require the affirmative vote of Members representing more than 50% of the Class "A" votes of the Association and the consent of the owner of the property. In addition, so long as Declarant owns property subject to this Declaration or which may become subject to this Declaration in accordance with Section 9.1, Declarant's consent shall be necessary. The Supplemental Declaration shall be signed by the President and Secretary of the Association, by the owner of the property and by Declarant, if Declarant's consent is necessary.
9.3. Additional Covenants and Easements. Declarant may subject any portion of the Properties to additional covenants and easements, including covenants obligating the Association to maintain and insure such property and authorizing the Association to recover its costs through Assessments. Such additional covenants and easements may be set forth either in a Supplemental Declaration subjecting such property to this Declaration or in a separate Supplemental Declaration referencing property previously subjected to this Declaration. If the property is owned by someone other than Declarant, then the consent of the Owner shall be necessary and shall be evidenced by their execution of the Supplemental Declaration. Any such Supplemental Declaration may supplement, create exceptions to, or otherwise modify the terms of this Declaration as it applies to the subject property in order to reflect the different character and intended use of such property.
9.4. Effect of Recording Supplemental Declaration. A Supplemental Declaration shall be effective upon Recording unless otherwise specified in such Supplemental Declaration. On the effective date of the Supplemental Declaration, any additional property subjected to this Declaration shall be assigned voting rights in the Association and assessment liability in accordance with the provisions of this Declaration.