Article V Maintenance and Repair
5.1. Maintenance of Areas of Common Responsibility. The Association shall maintain the Areas of Common Responsibility as described in Section 7.2.
5.2. Maintenance of Units. Each Owner shall maintain his or her Unit, and all landscaping and improvements comprising the Unit, and all landscaping improvements comprising the Unit, in a manner consistent with the Governing Documents, the Community-Wide Standard, and all applicable covenants, unless such maintenance responsibility is otherwise assumed by or assigned to the Association pursuant to any Supplemental Declaration or other declaration of covenants applicable to such Unit. If not installed fully by the Builder, an owner of a Unit shall install all landscaping, surrounding all sides of the residential dwelling contained on the Unit, within six months after the initial transfer of a completed residential dwelling to an Owner other than a Builder. Each Owner shall also be responsible for maintaining and irrigating the landscaping within that portion of any adjacent Common Area or public right-of-way lying between the Unit boundary and any wall, fence, curb, or water's edge located on the Common Area or public right-of-way adjacent to the Unit boundary, unless such area is made a part of the Areas of Common Responsibility maintained by the Association; provided, there shall be no right to remove trees, shrubs or similar vegetation from this area without prior approval pursuant to Article IV. Each Owner shall perform at the Owner's expense the maintenance and upkeep of fencing, Street Trees (if located on a Unit), drainage swales and/or underground drain lines and catch basins installed on their Unit, unless such components of the Units are made a part of the Areas of Common Responsibility maintained by the Association.
5.3. Responsibility for Repair and Replacement. Unless otherwise specifically provided in the Governing Documents or in other instruments creating and assigning maintenance responsibility, responsibility for maintenance shall include responsibility for repair and replacement, as necessary to maintain the property to a level consistent with the Community-Wide Standard. Repair and replacement may include improvement if necessary to comply with applicable building codes or other regulations or if otherwise deemed appropriate, in the Board's reasonable discretion.
By virtue of taking title to a Unit, each Owner covenants and agrees with all other Owners and with the Association to carry property insurance for the full replacement cost of all insurable improvements on his or her Unit, less a reasonable deductible. If the Association assumes responsibility for obtaining any insurance coverage on behalf of Owners, the premiums for such insurance shall be levied as a Specific Assessment against the benefited Unit and the Owner.
Each Owner further covenants and agrees that in the event of damage to or destruction of structures on or comprising such Owner's Unit, the Owner shall proceed promptly to repair or to reconstruct in a manner consistent with the original construction or such other plans and specifications as are approved in accordance with Article IV. Alternatively, the Owner shall clear the Unit and maintain it in a neat and attractive condition consistent with the Community-Wide Standard. The Owner shall pay any costs which are not covered by insurance proceeds.
5.4 Remedies for Failure to Maintain. If any Unit Owner shall fail to conduct maintenance on the Owner's Unit as required by this Article to maintain the Unit in the same condition as a reasonably prudent homeowner, or in a manner which preserves the drainage for other Units, the Association shall notify the Owner in writing of the maintenance required. If the maintenance is not performed within thirty (30) days of the date notice is delivered, the Association shall have the right to enter upon the Unit and provide such maintenance, and to levy an assessment against the non-performing Owner and Unit for the cost of providing the maintenance. The assessment shall constitute a lien against the Unit owned by the non-performing Owner and may be collected and foreclosed in the same manner as any other delinquent monthly or special assessment. The Association shall have all remedies for collection as provided in the Declaration. In the event that emergency repairs are needed to correct a condition on a Unit which poses a substantial risk of injury or significant property damage to others, the Association may immediately perform such repairs as may be necessary after the Association has attempted to give notice to the non-performing Owner of the repairs necessary. Such notice in emergency circumstances shall be sufficient if attempted orally or in writing immediately prior to the Association's undertaking the necessary repairs. Emergency repairs performed by the Association, if not paid for by the non-performing Owner, may be collected by the Association in the manner provided for herein notwithstanding the failure of the Association to give the non-performing Owner the thirty (30) day notice.