Communities are dynamic and constantly evolving as circumstances, technology, needs and desires, and laws change, as the residents age and change over time, and as the surrounding community changes. The Properties and its Governing Documents must be able to adapt to these changes while protecting the things that make this community unique.
Article XVI Changes in Ownership of Units.  Any Owner desiring to sell or otherwise transfer title to his or her Unit shall give the Board at least seven days' prior written notice of the name and address of the purchaser or transferee, the date of such transfer of title, and such other information as the Board may reasonably require. Each transferee of a Unit shall, within seven days of taking title to a Unit, confirm that the information previously provided by the transferor is complete and accurate. The transferor shall continue to be jointly and severally responsible with the transferee for all obligations of the Owner of the Unit, including assessment obligations, until the date upon which such notice is received by the Board, notwithstanding the transfer of title.