Article X Additional Rights Reserved to Declarant
10.1. Withdrawal of Property. Declarant reserves the right to amend this Declaration, so long as Declarant has a right to annex additional property pursuant to Section 9.1, for the purpose of removing any portion of the Properties which has not yet been improved with structures from the coverage of this Declaration. Such amendment shall not require the consent of any Person other than the Owner of the property to be withdrawn, if not a Declarant; such amendment shall be subject to any required approval by the Local Jurisdiction. If the property is Common Area, the Association shall consent to such withdrawal.
10.2. Governmental Interests. Declarant may designate sites it owns within the Properties for fire, police, water, and sewer facilities, public schools and parks, and other public facilities. Sites may be designated for use of water infiltration under the Permit. Neither the Association, the PIC, nor the Owners may object to the use of such sites for the designated public purposes.
10.3. Marketing and Sales Activities. Declarant and Builders authorized by Declarant may construct and maintain upon portions of the Common Area such facilities and activities as, in Declarant's sole opinion, may be reasonably required, convenient, or incidental to the construction or sale of Units, including, but not limited to, business offices, signs, model units, and sales offices. Declarant and authorized Builders shall have easements for access to and use of such facilities and shall not be subject to fees or rental charges.
10.4. Right To Develop. Declarant and Declarant's employees, agents, and designees shall have a right of access and use and an easement over and upon all of the Common Area for the purpose of making, constructing, and installing such improvements to the Common Area as Declarant deems appropriate in its sole discretion, so long as such improvements are not inconsistent with the permitted uses and purposes of the Common Areas as defined in the Permit. Every Person that acquires any interest in the Properties agrees not to protest, challenge, or otherwise object to the development of any real property by Declarant which lies adjacent to the Properties, and which could be subjected to the terms of this Declaration by Declarant.
10.5. Right To Approve Additional Covenants. No Person shall Record any declaration of covenants, conditions, and restrictions or similar instrument affecting any portion of the Properties without Declarant's review and written consent. Any attempted Recordation without such consent shall result in such instrument being void and of no force and effect unless subsequently approved by written consent signed and Recorded by Declarant.
10.6. Right To Approve Changes in the Standards Within the Community. No amendment to or modification of any Use Restrictions or Residential Design Guidelines shall be effective without prior notice to and the written approval of Declarant so long as Declarant owns property subject to this Declaration or which may become subject to this Declaration in accordance with Section 9.1.
10.7. Right To Transfer or Assign Declarant Rights. Any or all of Declarant's special rights and obligations set forth in this Declaration or the By-Laws may be transferred in whole or in part to other Persons; provided, the transfer shall not reduce an obligation nor enlarge a right beyond that which Declarant has under this Declaration or the By-Laws. No such transfer or assignment shall be effective unless it is in a written instrument signed and Recorded by Declarant. The foregoing sentence shall not preclude Declarant from permitting other Persons to exercise, on a one time or limited basis, any right reserved to Declarant in this Declaration where Declarant does not intend to transfer such right in its entirety, and in such case it shall not be necessary to Record any written assignment unless necessary to evidence Declarant's consent to such exercise.
10.8. Easement To Inspect and Right To Correct.
  1. Declarant reserves for Declarant and such other Persons as Declarant may designate perpetual non-exclusive easements throughout the Properties to the extent reasonably necessary for the purposes of access, inspecting, testing, redesigning, or correcting any portion of the Properties, including Units and the Areas of Common Responsibility. Declarant shall have the right to redesign or correct any part of the Areas of Common Responsibility, and the designees of Declarant shall have the right to redesign or correct any Unit for which they were the Builder.

  2. Entry onto a Unit shall be after reasonable notice, except in an emergency. Entry into a structure on a Unit shall be only after Declarant notifies the Unit's Owner and agrees with the Owner regarding a reasonable time to enter the structures on such Unit to perform such activities.

  3. Any damage to a Unit or the Areas of Common Responsibility resulting from the exercise of the easement or right of entry described in subsections (a) and (b) of this Section shall promptly be repaired by, and at the expense of, the Person exercising the easement right. The exercise of these easements shall not unreasonably interfere with the use of any Unit and entry onto any Unit shall be made only after reasonable notice to the Owner or occupant.
10.9. Right to Notice of Design or Construction Claims. No Person shall retain an expert for the purpose of inspecting the design or construction of any structures or improvements within the community in connection with or in anticipation of any potential or pending claim, demand, or litigation involving such design or construction unless Declarant and any builder involved in the design or construction have been first notified in writing and given an opportunity to meet with the Owner of the property to discuss the Owner's concerns and conduct their own inspection.
10.10. Termination of Rights. The rights contained in this Article shall not terminate until the earlier of (a) 30 years from the date this Declaration is Recorded, or (b) Recording by Declarant of a written statement that all sales activity has ceased.